Having worked in a variety of business environments including construction, hospitality and sales, Jeff can draw on a wide range of experience when working in the corporate environment.

Corporate Role Play

Jeff is an experienced role player and is regularly called upon to use his acting skills for corporate training and development work. Clients include The National Trust, BBC Radio Devon, Camelot, The Met Office, CISCO Communications, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, The Environment Agency, Abbey, Friends Provident, The Barden Corporation and the Royal College of Nursing.

Roleplay and interactive theatre are effective techniques for rapidly developing management skills, improving teamworking and enhancing leadership potential. Roleplay is also widely used as an assessment tool for recruitment or promotion purposes allowing the applicant to understand what the role entails and helping both sides decide if he or she is well suited to the job on offer.

Corporate Coaching and Training

Jeff’s coaching skills have been employed by the Met Office, Plymouth University, St Loyes Foundation and the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry for management training and staff development projects. He has designed and delivered team building and training days for Torrington Dental Practice, Torbay Hospital and the Devon and Cornwall Housing Association and worked on issue based theatre projects for BDO Consulting, Exeter College and The University of Manchester Medical School. He has recently been working with Vivienne Carnt of Red Earth Consultancy on projects to demonstrate the use of mediation as an economic and effective means of resolving conflict in the workplace.

Medical Humanities

Jeff has worked with The University of Exeter Medical School, Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry and The University of Bristol Medical School to deliver medical humanities workshops, clinical skills training and communications skills courses. His popular drama based courses ‘Are You Having a Laugh?’ and ‘Improv Your Practice’ have helped medical and dental students to develop their communications and presentation skills, increase self confidence, develop teamworking abilities and become more creative in their thinking whilst having a lot of fun!

I just wanted to thank you again……I was thinking about how much my confidence has improved from being the quiet one who NEVER said anything or spoke out (and as result didn’t have many friends), to being able to give speeches, talk with patients and even use humour with patients! I’ve also managed to make some more friends, and move on in life by realising how many fears were holding me back. I really feel I have grown and I just had to say a huge thank you.

I.F. (Fourth Year Medical Student)

I just wanted to tell you how amazing this year has been and how wonderful your course is! You are a fantastic tutor – encouraging, kind and honest and it’s been so great working with you. Thank you for all your guidance this year. How sad the 4th year would have been without you and your course!

I.M. (Fourth Year Medical Student)

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